The Structure of 1 Embankment Place, London

One Embankment Place is a high-rise steel framed building built on the air rights above the rail platforms of Charing Cross station in London, which for anyone who doesn't know is located right at the Thames River.

1 Embankment Place Building, London
The architects wanted to find a way to develop the space above the platforms of the rail station to create an office building that would be acceptable to the planning authorities and of quality to compete with other major developments.

The key problems with designing this building was that the engineers were not allowed to place foundations under that building as they would penetrate the platforms of that station.

The solution to this problem was to look in the back side of the site where the rails were coming to an end, where they also positioned an entrance connected with a bridge that allows access to the opposite side of the river.

To make the structure of this challenging design work, they placed a steel arch (supported on two steel columns at its edge) constructed of plate box sections tied with steel stressing bars. Steel columns, beams metal decking is suspended from the arch. The chosen material was steel, as they needed to make this building as lighter as possible and because of the long span the were required to achieve. The steel arch that is positioned with columns is significant to the design as the whole office development is hung by it, which makes it more complex to detail and construct than the ordinary frame.

1 Embankment Place building during it's construction


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