Autodesk 123D

I came across this new software Autodesk which was not released long ago, only few months back.

This software is divided in three applications: Catch, Design and Make.

The Catch app allows you to insert multiple angle pictures of an object and the fotware will turn these pictures in a digital model, all by itself. (download from: http://www.123dapp.com/catch)

The second application, which is the 123D Design app of the software allows you to design an object however you want it (see examples: www.123dapp.com/design). The application is available for PC and Mac, iPad and there is a web app. This way you can carry on any work you have instantly and anywhere you are.
(visit www.123dapp.com/design for video and examples)

The next app, is also my favourite, it's the app called 'Make'. It literally does what it is called. Any models you have caught on picture and put it in your software or made it in the software can be materialised. In this part, the software makes your model into layers where you can extract and print each layer separately and will guide you to put them all together to form the model you have made.
(visit http://www.123dapp.com/make for video and examples)

The applications can all be downloaded from the links provided for free.


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