Casa Lude, Spain

The way this house stands amazes me! I also found the information for this house while I was on the Architectural Review's website.

It is a house that is built on top of an existing house in Spain with a budget of 120,000 Euros. 

The first thing that I thought was how could a house be built on top of an existing house? The existing house doesn't look like it can take the loads of another house on-top as we know that is the first concern when adding a floor on a building, might as well if you add a new house, but that's where the technology of architecture helps this project to be erected. 

To build this house, they didn't build straight from the existing walls, instead they replaced the existing roof with a new concrete slab that is supported from the existing walls, allowing the architect to make a bigger space for the new addition.

The amazing thing is that this house is a light-weight steel framed house so it can be supported from the existing building below it as steel can be lighter than concrete.

The way the walls where designed as seen on the floor plans is allowing more space to be used expanding it from 80 sqm to 130 sqm. This arrangement also allows more light to have access in the house throughout the whole day and is also wind-resisting.

The pictures below illustrate the section of the building, the floor plan of the mezzanine floor of the house and its 3D model.

Architects: Grupo Arena
(Pictures and information taken from AR)


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